6 Reasons Why Surgical Nursing Rocks

6 Reasons Why Surgical Nursing Rocks

I’ve been a surgical nurse for longer than many people have been alive. Before I became a surgical nurse I worked in the ICU and the ED.  But I found my calling when I began my orientation in the operating room.  That was when I realized that I’d always be an operating room nurse because I fell in love with the OR.  There are some really cool things about being a nurse in surgery and here’s a list of just some of the things that make surgical nursing ROCK!:

1. Patients are asleep. Oh, yeah!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my patients and enjoy talking to them before surgery.  

But when we transport them to the operating room I enjoy the peace and quiet when the propofol starts running through their veins.

When a patient is awake in the OR it’s a strange feeling because surgical suites are private, secluded places and surgical nurses feel a bit invaded when “strangers” join us. 

2. You wear a hat all day.  I wake up most mornings with my hair looking like a rat’s nest, but unlike most working people I don’t worry about pulling out straighteners or curlers because my hair will be covered with a stylish blue hat all day long.

You wouldn’t believe how much I save on hair products. 

3. I love my mask.  I can pull faces at people and don’t have to worry about them knowing about it.

 If I don’t feel like wearing any makeup to work then I can go in looking like Freddy Kreuger and no one will notice.

The other great thing about masks is that I don’t have to look at other people’s rotten ugly morning faces, nor do I have to smell their morning breath. It’s a beautiful thing!

4. I get to wear my pajamas all day long. I love my scrubs, they’re so comfortable and I save oodles of cash because I don’t have to buy trendy work clothes that feel like I’m walking around in a stiff paper bag. No thanks! I think I’ll stick with my soft blue scrubs.

5. There’s usually only one nurse in each room.  I don’t mind working with other nurses, but having too many opinions at one time from several nurses who all think their idea is the best, can get annoying at times.

I’m the king of the castle. My job is to manage every aspect of the procedure and I don’t have any other nurses throwing their two cents in. 

6. I don’t need to work out. Seriously, most of my responsibilities involve running around like a chicken with no head.

Trying to find things in the OR can be like looking for soup in the grocery store when they move it to a different location every month. The folks that keep moving stuff are the ones that never have to actually find everything.

Ugh, Why can’t they leave stuff where everyone knows where to find it. On the other hand, I spend 70 percent of my day running to find everything and hurrying back to the OR before the surgeon decides to pitch a fit like a two-year-old.

So I stay physically fit because the OR is my gym.