The Truth About Your Board Of Nursing

The Truth About Your Board Of Nursing

Everywhere we turn today we see over-regulation of everything from safety regulations to business regulations and the nursing arena is no different.

The government is very busy protecting us from ourselves. Each state has, through their own Nurse Practice act their own board of nursing that governs the laws and regulations for nurses. 

Due to the deference of the 10th Amendment, there is no federal nursing law.

If there are allegations of malpractice with any nurse, on a state or federal level, the board of nursing in the state where the nurse resides is responsible for the investigative and disciplinary process. 
While keeping the feds out of nursing may seem like a great idea there are problems in paradise. Nursing boards were established to protect the people.

But often during the process, they overstep their boundaries without considering nurses at all. 

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Do We Have A Nursing Crisis?

Do We Have A Nursing Crisis?

Are we facing a major nursing crisis?  It’s no secret that nursing is a stressful occupation. There is a shortage of nurses so nurse-patient ratios are rising.

The stress of knowing that one mistake could mean your license is sometimes more than nurses can handle. 

Nurses learn to keep their emotions to themselves. They work crazy hours and are often forced to stay after their shift to finish charting and ensure they’ve completed everything required for that particular day. 

When emotions are suppressed, they don’t just disappear, they will surface sooner or later and with nurses, this usually means that we take it out on the ones we love. 

Nurses notoriously offer advice to patients on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, but we don’t always follow our own advice.

We often don’t eat or sleep well and we ignore signals of bodily functions and frequently hold our bladders for hours because we simply don’t have time. 

This level of stress can affect our ability to do our job well. We often know we’re at work, but we are just going through the motions because we are completely exhausted.  

This results in feelings of dread about going to work and dealing with co-workers, bosses and even patients. 

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Tips For Treating A Fever


A common misconception about fevers is that they should all be reduced.  A fever is the bodies’ mechanism for fighting an invasion or infection.

When the body senses that there is an infection, it triggers a chain of events to fight the invasion.

By raising the temperature at which the infection is thriving, it often kills the bacteria or virus that is making you sick. 

So it is not always necessary to lower a temperature, and it may actually hinder the recovery process if you interfere with the bodies’ natural response. 

Always check with a physician about treatment for anyone who is experiencing a fever.  If you decide to avoid fever-reducing medications, then you can try some other methods for reducing the bodies’ temperature. 

Usually, when the temperature is so high that the patient becomes uncomfortable and dehydrated, it’s time to step in and help out. 

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